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 This week at Snitch we've got a hell of a reason to hate your city, eat your weight in pizza and wear a beanie in 30 degree weather. It's pop punk night, and you better believe we'll be defending it.


From what exactly? We're not sure.

Playing live we have a kick ass line up with CALL THE SHOTS headlining with THE NEVER EVER coming in support. With them are fellow NSW fellas, FAR AWAY STABLES and opening it all up is SERENE!

We'll be giving away stacks of posi-as-fuck merch all night long and obviously there will be free pizza. DJs will be playing a strict diet of Neck Deep, Real Friends, State Champs, The Story So Far, Man Overboard, Transit, Title Fight, La Dispute, Fireworks and the ilk.

The usual awesome Snitch drink specials will be kicking it all night long and we're also gonna be killing each other with a COD: Ghosts contest on the projector in the back room!

Check us:
@snitchbrisbane on Twitter and Insty.

18 + ID required. No tapout/UFC clothes, everything else is ok. !00% tattoo friendly inc. #yolo face tatties. Snitch gets real every Thursday at 27 Warner St. Doors at 9pm


We’re back with the BLACK OUT party this April and you know it’s gonna be a good time. If you were at the last one you know what goes down. Festival sized UV cannons, lasers everywhere, more glowsticks than you know what to do with and litres upon litres of UV paint.

Make sure you wear white to shine bright and expect to get messy, because it will get messy.

Playing live we have the legends from BORIS THE BLADE in to give it some colour. With them are HUNT THE HAUNTED and GLORIED and kicking it all off is THE NAME OF A GHOST!

We’ll have free pizza from midnight, there’ll be the usual Thrilly drink specials going off and you know the THRILLER DJs are going to keep it real with the best punk/party tunes over 2 rooms.

Check us:
@thrillerbrisbane on Twitter and Instagram

18+ ID required, say a list at the door for cheaper entry. No Tapout/UFC shit. 100% tattoo friendly.


Easter, all you're good for is a day off and a sugar binge. Once again we're partying on Good Friday from 8pm - 12am when the pope says we all have to go home. Come pack as much party as possible into this fairy tale.

Playing live we have the legends in NEVER LOSE SIGHT who'll be bringing the heavy along with DAYBREAKERS and KINGS AT HEART! Keen!

You better believe there will be Easter eggs for everyone, and there'll also be an Easter egg hunt for those of you never got to have one because your parents were Mormons or someshit.

Divine drink specials and heavenly DJs in the beer garden will be the call of the night, and there will also be a massive wall of paper for you all to write your post-12am kick on plans on.

Check it:
@snitchbrisbane on Insty and Twitty.

18+ ID required
Doors open at 8pm and shut at 12am thanks to religious superstition.
27 Warner St, The Valley 


This year Anzac Day Eve falls on a Thursday so Snitchy is keeping it real by squeezing as much party as possible into the club before the night is cut short by QLD Liquor Licensing. That being said, this will not be half-assed, we are throwing double the party in half the time.

We’ve got TAKE US TO VEGAS coming back to show us how it’s all done. They consistently kill it so make sure you catch them. Along with them are local legend BURNING BROOKLYN who put on one hell of a show, with HEY DENISE and CASTLES!

We’ll but busting out a bunch of free pizza for everyone, the SNITCH DJs will be spinning punk + party tunes outside in the beer garden and the bar will be friendlier than the rest.

As always on our Anzac day parties, any members of the ADF get free entry with their ID.

Check it:

Check us:

18+ ID required. $20 general, $15 on a list. Current members of the Australian Defense Force get in free (if you have valid ID). We say no to Tapout/UFC shirts and yes to good attitudes. 27 Warner St, Fortitude Valley. 


Electric Playground

This heritage listed church is popular among promoters looking to hold a medium sized event due to its large main room. It maintains the intimacy of a small venue whilst having the practicality of raised levels for watching live music and performances.

It boasts a large impressive DJ booth plus staging with numerous set up configurations to suit any gig. The large main bar has direct line of sight to the stage and there are 5 raised booth areas overlooking an extensive dance floor.

The sound system is state of the art and the venue is equipped with intelligent lighting linked to 6 plasma screens. There is an outdoor garden terrace area with access to a long outside bar perfect for extending the entertainment outside. The garden terrace has lots of seating and an additional DJ booth. Available now for live music, functions and events.?